Burning! Burning! Burning! The fire outside is Burning!

And the snake that saw the fire slithering faster than before!

“Time! Time! Oh, the passing of Time! The wingless bird called, higher than before!

” Like A ship on the ocean, never ceasing always floating! The snake called, slithering quicker than before!

“Like a ship always floating! Rocking! Rocking! on stormy seas, Rocking!” Bellows the answer-less wind through the ship’s tattered sails! “Rocking, Rocking! Harder than before!

          Burning! Burning! Burning! Brighter than before! The slithering snake that embraced the fire, indulging his every desire! The snake called through the fire, “Burning Brighter Than Before!”


The world’s gone mad! madder than before!” Called I from inside of the fire, “Mad! Mad! Madder than before!” Laughed the answer-less wind, much louder than before!

“A ship can’t steer the ocean! Despite it’s constant trying Tossed by it’s winds and motion!” Called the ocean through it’s winds and motions, much stronger than before!


2 thoughts on “Fever Dream

  1. This reminds me of strange dreams visiting a restless dreamer. Vibrant and chaotic. A dream you can almost touch.

    I wonder what the different beings represent. I want to say the snake is a devil and the wind is like the screaming wind that threatens to capsize ships, refusing to listen to prayers. I’m stumped at the wingless bird and perhaps there’s no intended meaning at all.

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    1. First off: thank you for commenting! Secondly, there’s no real meaning behind the poem, it’s something I scrawled when waking up from a series of fever dreams. As you say, it’s meant to be vibrant and chaotic, like those dreams, jumping from one theme to the next without much rhyme or reason.

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