Ramblings 1

Well, the month of November is here, and with it, the spooky stories have ended, (temporarily). It is time to expand to other genres, so expect some new things out this month. I will attempt to continue a semi-weekly schedule, releasing stories every Sunday at around 4, the first one will be out THIS Sunday.


I will also be launching a youtube channel to read my stories, and to expand deeper into my interests of Folklore the world over. Perhaps, I’ll even do a something little extra with it, who knows?


I would also like to apologize about not sending out the second one I promised yesterday: it ended up being a bit too personal.


Also, I would like to announce that November 15th my first book, “Brothers,” will be coming out — a fantasy novella about a kingdom in the midst of a decades long civil war between the Royalists and the Rebels, and two brothers who find themselves on the opposite side of this conflict. How do they react when they finally see each other on the field? Well, you’ll have to read to find out. Thank you, and have a happy November.


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